Update to Pilkington ActivTM Blue glass


If you have ever sat in your conservatory on a cold, cloudy day and asked yourself, ‘why can’t it just be a lovely day with a blue sky?’ then Pilkington ActivTM Blue glass is the answer to that very question! Well, kind of. The striking, body tinted blue glass is heat reflective, meaning that your conservatory will be delightfully updated with a touch of colour and a feature that moderates the temperature, keeping your conservatory warm in the winter and cool in  the summer. Click here to find out more.


There are many benefits to introducing some Pilkington ActivTM Blue glass into your conservatory, one of our favourites being its self-cleaning capabilities. Pilkington ActivTM Blue glass’ market leading surface contains photo-catalytic and hydrophilic properties, reducing the need for you to get out your bucket of water and sponge!


Although Pilkington ActivTM Blue glass isn’t your standard, run of the mill clear glass, it still affords excellent light transmission and will not obscure your view outside.


conservatoryUpdate to a tiled Guardian roof


The benefits of updating to a Guardian roof system are easy to see… and feel. Not only is the roof, which is made from modest tiles and cappings aesthetically attractive, but it also keeps your home well heated due to its insulated roof.


By updating to a tiled Guardian roof, you will be able to enjoy your conservatory all year round. Because of its excellent thermal qualities, it keeps your conservatory lovely and warm all year, so there will be no need to run for cover during the cold winter months! The thermal efficiency of a Guardian roof achieves a U-value of 0.18, so as an added bonus you will see a drop in the cost of your energy bills.


The Guardian roof system offers an excellent alternative to conventional roofing systems as it combines technical performance with practicality. Updating to a warm, energy efficient Guardian roof can be simple quick and easy with little to no changes to your current structure or fittings.


The Guardian roof system is available in a choice of styles and finishes, giving you an array of options to update your conservatory. Click here for more information on our Guardian roof systems.



conservatoryUnderfloor heating / central heating


Aside from the obvious benefits of having a warmer conservatory, adding heating to your conservatory can really make it feel like part of your home, and not just an extension.


The first thing to consider is what type of heating you would like – underfloor or central. Firstly there are two types of underfloor heating. One uses electric matting or wires that are either installed under your floors or are set inside tiles or concrete screed. The other is water fed underfloor heating where hot water is fed around pipes in a subfloor.


You can install underfloor heating with all sorts of flooring, including vinyl, laminate, stone and ceramic. The latter two are ideal because they are better conductors and will hold the heat for longer.


If you chose to heat your conservatory with central heating – always remember to check that your boiler is compatible.



Description: wall / wallpaper


You could give your conservatory a completely new look and feel by introducing a feature wall / wallpaper.


People tend to decorate their conservatories in a completely different theme and style to their home, seeing it as a separate area from their home rather than an extension of it. Why not extend the colour scheme from your home to your conservatory to really make it compliment your household?

Why not try introducing new textures or combining neutral and bold colours.  The options are limitless and it’s a great way to update your conservatory to reflect your personality, lifestyle and personal tastes.


We recommend Glenwood Interiors in Darlington to bring your feature wallpaper inspirations and ideas to life.  Based in Darlington, Glenwood Interiors are a well-established, interior design specialist who manufacture and supply a selection of bespoke wallpaper and other interior design items such as paint and soft furnishings.


You will find a stunning selection of designer wallpaper at Designer Wallpapers. Supplying popular brands such as Cole & Son, Ralph Lauren, Matthew Williamson and Osborne and Little, Designer Wallpapers have a theme, design and colour to suit any taste. 




Blinds are a perfect choice to filter the natural sunlight and offer a simple, unobtrusive solution. Blinds are a great way to give your conservatory a fresh new look and provide a variety of styles and colours to suit your personal tastes.


Our great relationships with market leading blinds manufacturers and suppliers, means that we are able to offer a range of blinds to update your conservatory. Regency Glass offer integral blinds that are completely sealed within the window unit. The innovative Screenline blinds are dirt and dust free and offer complete privacy. Click here to find out more about our Regency Glass blings.

Homefair Blinds provide a selection of blinds suitable for all types of windows in your home.   So if you want to improve the privacy to your conservatory - including the roof, or fancy some pleated binds on your skylight, then Homefair Blinds could be the solution for you.  There extensive range of blinds includes Venetian, Vertical, Roman and Blackout, to name but a few. Homefair Blinds are an experienced blinds company, who have offices located in the North East and Greater Manchester areas. Click
here to find out more.