ali-doorProving its metal: Aluminium Doors



Aluminium has always been the sensible choice for commercial buildings thanks to its inherent and long-lasting strength. Yet it has, in recent years, also become the popular choice for homeowners, down to advances in style. Here we look at three features of aluminium doors which – most importantly - make it the right choice:  

  1. Security


The inherent strength of aluminium make these doors some of the most secure on the market, down to the fixings, attaching points and – most importantly – the locks. More robust than other door materials, aluminium acts as a stable and durable door material.


  1. Style

  2. Boasting a slimmer frame than their competitors, aluminium doors have always held the potential to give a sleek, modern and contemporary look, but back in the early days, homeowners were put off by its metallic look. Significant advances have been made, however, and they now come in a range of colours and finishes, as well as being powder coated for an attractive and long-lasting finish. Nowadays, the simple lightweight structure of an aluminium door gives off a minimalist feel, which, in turn, serves to extend your living space.


  1. Longevity

  2. Perhaps most impressively, aluminium is one of the most durable and sustainable building materials around. Non-porous, strong and non-corroding, it is also weather resistant to rot, moisture and fungus, does not age like other organic materials and needs no protection from UV light. Its’ almost unlimited life expectancy – due, in part to advances in polymide technology which has dramatically improved their properties – means it will still look as good as new long after cheaper alternatives have begun to fade. Unarguably one of the most premium products for today’s homeowner, aluminium doors are built to last.


There are, of course, several other benefits of aluminium, including its sustainability as an energy-efficient material and impressive insulation properties. Yet industry experts are somewhat unanimous in their feeling that the biggest game changer in recent times comes down to it finally managing to equate style with substance, meaning aluminium is no longer just the friend of the car (or the kitchen!). Combining advanced design technology with quality seals, it is no wonder that aluminium doors are the smart choice for today’s home.