Jack Frost may be nipping at your toes and Christmas may be just around the corner, but there’s still time to check your home for repairs, before the winter weather really does start to set in!


So, if you live in Darlington, Northallerton, Richmond or any of the surrounding areas why not call National Window Systems to see how we can help you prepare your home for winter?


Our Managing Director, Steve Bell has prepared a handy checklist of the things you should be looking out for:


Tip 1 – Check your guttering for blockages and cracks.

Check your guttering and downpipes for any blockages which can cause rainwater to overflow and potentially cause damp to your property. These blockages can also cause water to get trapped and freeze, causing cracks as it expands. If any of your gutters or pipes have cracks in them, we can repair or replace them quickly and easily. Call us today to find out how our PVCu system is the perfect low maintenance upgrade for your home.


Tip 2 – Does your roofline need an upgrade?

Your fascias and soffits play a fundamental part in protecting your home, especially over winter as they form a protective layer from the edge of your roof to the exterior wall. Without this protective layer, water could reach your rafters where it can cause rot. It’s therefore important to ensure your fascias and soffits are watertight and free of any cracks. If you notice any damage to your roofline or if you have timber and want to upgrade to low maintenance PVCu, call us to book a survey today!


Tip 3 – Check your roofs for any damage to prevent leaks.

A leaking roof is one of the last things anyone would want over winter, especially at Christmas time. If you’ve spotted any slipped tiles, or any signs of damp that may be caused by a leaking roof, it’s advisable to ask an experienced roofer to visit. If you have a flat roof, we recommend upgrading it to a low maintenance Firestone Rubbercover®. Well known for its long-lasting qualities, it’s the perfect choice for keeping your home dry this winter and, as approved installers of Firestone Rubbercover, we carry out a full service to ensure fitting is quick and hassle free.


Tip 4 – Are your doors fitted correctly?

Ill-fitting doors are notorious for causing draughts, so you should ensure yours are fitted correctly. For a truly snug entrance area this winter, why not look at an upgrade? Our Solidor composite doors have excellent thermal properties and are some of the most secure doors on the market. Available in a range of colour and design options we’ll help you find the perfectly stylish upgrade for your home. 


Tip 5 – New windows could reduce heat loss by up to 20%!

The average home can lose 20% of its heat through poorly insulated windows and if yours have started to leak or become draughty then it might be time to have them replaced. We carry out single replacements and we will ensure that any new window complements your existing system as closely as possible. For the ultimate upgrade, why not have a look at our triple glazed windows which are 60% more efficient than standard double glazed windows?


If you would like us to pop out and survey your home’s doors, windows, fascias or soffits, please call National Window Systems on 01325 381630 to discuss our services today!