Case study: Mr and Revd Ferguson

When Mr Andrew and Revd Caroline Ferguson approached us for new windows, we knew we had a big responsibility. As their house was cold and let in the draft there wasn’t really much choice, but being that the original windows were from 1934, Revd Ferguson found it difficult to think about changing them.

In the initial meeting at their home, Sales Manager Bob Donoghue assured her that the designs could be kept by copying the original leads and re-making them into an A-Rated Double Glazed Unit, which was obviously very welcome news indeed! Bob also discussed the possibility of re-designing the hall window into one fixed frame – all while keeping the same design.

windowswindows BEFORE

Revd Ferguson informed that she was having knee surgery, so we kept in touch throughout for updates on her progress as well as arranging a convenient time for them for our Surveyor, Kevin Stephenson, to come out to take final measurements.


The was impressed by how thorough Kevin was. He spent hours taking rubbings of the original windows and going over colour charts with her to ensure that they would be as close to the original as possible, and she loved the marble effects which stayed so true to the design.

Sales Administrator, Hayley Leech kept up to date with Revd Ferguson throughout the process before and after surgery so we could schedule in a convenient date for installation, we found that Revd Ferguson was so excited for the installation. We assured her that we would do everything to make the installation as easy and go as smoothly as possible, and not to worry about anything ahead of our visit.


windowsFollowing up, Revd Ferguson called to confirm the installation date and wanted to check that it wouldn’t delayed, to which Hayley explained that the windows were all in and ready, which was music to the ears of Revd Ferguson who was impressed and surprised at the speed and efficiency. Hayley emailed pictures of the stained glass windows over to her as soon as they arrived in the factory, which made her reminisce over the history of the property.

“I always used to look at the house as a child when walking past and always loved it”, she says. “I used to look up through the round window and it would remind me of a programme I used to watch as a child called Through the Round Window. When the property came up for sale, initially not knowing which house it was, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was the home I used to dream about as a child and found we had a connection to it as soon as we both walked through the door.”

windowsThe Installations Team discussed about how long the arched window would take to install, however, due to Kevin’s thorough survey, it fit like a glove and in no time at all!


“They look great!”, Revd Ferguson says about the windows. “Being a church person I love stained glass so it’s nice to have my very own!


“The house was built by Meynell, the funeral director, in the 30s, and because he had a lot of money he filled the house with unique features – including the glass – so we feel fortunate to enjoy it every day. Now thanks to National Windows, we can continue to do so!


“We are so delighted with the windows and impressed with the service. We cannot believe the difference in temperature on the landing and our office with the arch is so quiet. The stained glass looks brilliant and we will definitely be using National Windows when we replace other windows in the house.

“It's been a real pleasure to deal with someone who is so helpful – thank you!”

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