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Personalising your home and making it unique to your individual tastes is fast becoming one of the most popular home improvement trends for 2016. So say goodbye to basic bathrooms and neutral colours and say hello to spa-like bathrooms and distinctive spaces.
The surge in home improvements has been credited to the increase in house prices and the desire to incorporate modern house trends - enabling us to add a unique and personal touch to our current homes. 

With the house buying market no longer booming, many of us have decided to stay put, make the most of what we have and add a little something extra to make our current spaces individual and distinctive. This means that we are now looking at ways to give our current homes a fresh, contemporary appearance.

Here at National Window Systems we are pleased to offer a wide range of windows and doors, in a variety of styles, colours and finishes that could really make your home reflect your personal tastes and lifestyles. Our products offer quality and durability, contemporary living and style, but most importantly a near limitless, ever evolving choice that appeals to both individuals and the mass market.   Simply put, our products are the ideal solution to your home improvement needs.

Personalise your home

There are many ways that you can add that personal touch to your home. Homeowners are now more clued up and excited than ever with the endless home improvement possibilities that could transform their traditional household into a modern abode. From enhancing your glazed door with coloured window film, to remodelling your kitchen and including an oversized feature island - the choice is completely yours and dictated only by your individual preferences.

 Whether you’re choosing to improve your home through need or necessity, the Solidor composite door could be the luxurious purchase that transforms your home. The solid timber door boasts one of the UK’s largest composite door colour range. There’s also a style to suit any property, from a wide choice of composite stable doors, composite French doors, and external doors you can rest assured that you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Available in a wide selection of designs including The Milano and The Ludlow, you can have as much or as little glazing included within your door as you would like. The choice of plain, patterned and obscure glass that you can include within your door ensures that there is something for every taste.
The door is the first thing that visitors notice about your home and with a Solidor you have the opportunity to create a contemporary and stunning entrance that will leave a lasting impression on your guests. 

Another popular area of home improvement trends are windows. No longer are they something we just look through, use to keep the cold out, or dress with curtains to obscure unwanted gazes. They’re a focal point, an area to adorn with patterned or frosted glass, or integrated binds.
Description: blinds are one of our favourites here at National Window Systems. The innovative Regency Glass blinds are a home improvement trend that will see you being the envy of your neighbours. These impressive looking blinds never require cleaning, allow you to have privacy and provide protection from unwanted views.

The blinds are designed for uPVC windows and doors and are commonly used in conservatories, but can also be fitted throughout your home.

 One of the advantages of having your blinds integrated within your glazed window is that they don’t need constantly dusting and maintaining like traditional blinds do. Integral blinds allow a room to have both privacy and shelter from sun light, without obscuring your view.
The blinds can also be used in bi-folding doors as well as uPVC windows and are an excellent alternative to having bulky blinds over your windows.

Although the blinds are fitted in your glazing unit, you still have full operational control of your blinds and they can be lowered, raised and tilted.
The blinds fit directly onto the double glazed window without any need for drilling or screwing into the widow frame. This unique blinds system enables the blinds to move with the windows or doors when opening and closing.

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