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As proud suppliers of Kömmerling uPVC windows, there really is no better alternative.

No longer considered the cheap option due to huge advances in uPVC technology, there have been many improvements to the design, production and overall quality of these windows. Slimmer than ever before and with a vast array of elegant designs, colours, finishes and glazing options to choose from it is clear that aesthetics are no longer a concern, and with a uPVC window now expected to last around 20 years it seems significant advances have been made in its durability, too – especially with their enhanced weather-proof status - meaning they will not only last longer but also retain their appearance for longer as well. Low maintenance, easy to clean and in line with new UK regulations which state that all windows and doors have to meet thermal efficiency standards, we are proud to inform you that our windows measure a low 1.6 Wm2k, meaning these internally glazed windows offer improved energy efficiency – keeping both you, your bank balance and the environment happy! Perhaps most importantly, they are no longer seen as a threat to home security, either.

It is clear that all the advances in uPVC technology over the last decade have put these windows back on the market as a real contender and with more than half the houses in any given street using them, they seem to be doing incredibly well.

 We pride ourselves on offering the best of the best, which is why, as part of our Definitive Collection, we offer Europe’s number one uPVC window system in Kömmerling. Aesthetically pleasing and proven in strength and security, our high specification windows and doors will enhance the appearance of your property, improve security and conserve energy. Importantly, Kömmerling also leads the market in terms of environmental initiatives including their lead-free uPVC compound, Greenline, and their latest addition of Recycline, which reduces uPVC waste through recycling, ensuring it honours its responsibility as a market leader in protecting our environment.  With Kömmerling by our side, we are confident that our windows surpass all expectations and will set the standard for others to follow.

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