All you need to know about obscure glass





What is obscure glass?

Obscure glass is a textured, rolled glass that is designed to provide privacy and is typically found in homes and offices. It usually contains some form of embedded pattern and is normally used for decorative purposes.

What are the advantages of obscure glass?

The advantages of introducing obscure or non-standard glass into a property are clear to see. Not only does it offer heightened privacy - obscure glass also adds a touch of style to any property. An aesthetically attractive option to updating a home or office, it can also be used to add a unique look to a property both inside and out. 

Obscure glass can significantly improve the appearance of your property. It can be used to enhance a theme or colour that already exists within your property, or to introduce a completely new theme. So whether you want to extend a theme of florals or try something entirely new and implement a bold pattern as your feature piece, there are many ways that obscure glass could help you on your journey to improving your property.

If the internal rooms in your property are poorly lit, introducing some obscure glass could be the solution you need. As well as being a decorative and attractive feature, obscure glass can be used to maximise the light coming into a room.

obscureChoosing the right type

Most obscure glass ranges have five levels of privacy to select from. They are graded from 1 (most transparent) to 5 (most obscuration) so you have a variety of choices to avert those unwanted views! They are available painted, toughened or laminated for additional security and to suit individual requirements.

Whichever glazing choices you opt for (double or triple) or a bevelled design, you will also need to select a pattern for your internal pane of glass, allowing you more opportunity to tailor your windows and truly make it reflective of your tastes and needs.  Other options available for obscure glass include opaque, frosted glass, patterned and textured offering customers a wide choice to improve their homes or offices.

If you would like the option to see outside whilst still averting people from looking in, you should choose reflective windows.


Description: can I have obscure glass?

For obvious reasons, obscure glass is traditionally used in bathrooms, and exterior doors to obscure unwanted views. But there are no limits on where you can have obscure glass in your property, especially if the reason for having obscure glass is to enhance the aesthetics of your property or to give it a modern twist.  The simple introduction of obscure glass in your property could be an excellent and effective option if you are considering updating your doors, windows, or conservatory. It could make a huge difference to the ambience of your home, can maximise light and really create the impression of a large well-lit space in a room that was once dully lit.


Obscure glass is an excellent option if you would like to combine privacy and design.