Doors that not only impress through their looks but their locks too

Description: patio-doorsIt’s often easy to get swept up in how something looks – especially where your home comes in – but with our new patio locking system you can rest assured that your doors will not only impress through their looks but their locks, too, which is vital when thinking about the level of security it will offer you and your family.

Patio doors, traditionally, have not always been perceived as being as safe as other types of doors, and this will certainly still ring true for some cheaper, poorly designed models. Yet ensuring that the construction of the door is solid and sturdy through a reliable locking system is the upmost principle in making sure you can sleep easy at night, and that’s where our new Kömmerling patio locking system – which ticks every UK-based security accreditation – comes in.
Ingeniously hiding an intuitive locking system at the interlock, it simply requires the turn of a door handle to fully engage the enhanced security locking mechanism – without the use of unsightly and intrusive plunge bolts. And thanks to the lead-free compound which is used, it does all this without harming the environment – win win!

Description: in an extensive range of over 40 rich colours, and realistic woodgrains, our new locking system is perfect for any home – especially where added security is crucial.

Here at National Windows we believe added security is always crucial, which is why we continually invest in security and innovation. And with products, such as the Kömmerling patio locking system, it really is easier than ever to ensure your home not only looks great but also provides the upmost level of security for you and your family.