Case study: Mrs Simpson


simpsonFed up of wiping the condensation off her cold and drafty windows every morning, it was no wonder that Mrs Simpson approached us to change them. Warped, not energy efficient, and difficult to maintain – needing regular sanding and painting -  she decided that having lived in the property for over 30 years it was about time that she replaced the previously refurbished windows. Mrs Simpson said, “I was looking to make changes to both improve the property value, as well as ensure it gave me easy maintenance going forward.”

“I had been mulling over the idea of changing the windows for two years when, thankfully, I saw an advert for National Window Systems with a picture of a sliding sash window.” So she decided to call into our showroom, where she met with Hayley and received a full demonstration and explanation of the benefits of changing from wood to uPVC. She was excited to hear that although they would be A-rated frames and have tilt function for easy cleaning, they would also be finished in a white woodgrain foil to make them look as original as possible, and was especially pleased when we told her how much warmer her home would be!

It wasn’t long before she booked an appointment for Bob to come and price up the windows, following the appointment she explained, “I was so surprised at the cost of the windows compared to wood I decided to do the whole of my house as well!”


Returning home after the first day of installation Mrs Simpson said, “I was astounded at how similar the new windows looked to the originals. I was equally impressed with how quickly it was completed by the tidy and polite lads who got on well with the job and knew what they were doing – it only took two and a half days from start to finish!”
Things have only got better as “everyone’s been commenting on how amazing they look and how similar they are to the originals, but I’m just delighted that I no longer have to wipe the windows every morning!” She’s finally enjoying having a warmer home, as well as the added ease of cleaning thanks to the tilt function. In fact, she’s been so happy with our work that she’s now looking at replacing her front door with a Solidor Composite Door – especially after learning of the options of heritage colours and framing to match her brand new windows!