pvc double doors

French Doors

Traditional French doors offer classic Mediterranean style to your home., creating flow between your living area and garden to maximise space and light.

You can either open both doors wide, or just one for easy access. French doors add classic elegance to any home.

French Doors - Beauty and Practicality Combined
The stunning appeal of French doors is that they are combined with practical function. Their versatility means you can open just one door, serving as a normal entrance-point onto your home or you can open both doors as a wide opening into your garden.

French Doors Transform Your Home

The timelessness of French doors offers real elegance, matching any period of property. They allow a huge amount of natural light to pour through your home even when locked and closed for a bright internal space. By having both doors open wide, it allows you to move between home and garden gracefully in a seamless fashion. French doors really do add a touch of French-inspired glamour to your lifestyle.