stable doors

Stable Doors

Stable doors deliver the nostalgia of farm cottages and barns and allow fresh air into your home, whilst children and pets play safely inside.

Old problems associated with traditional stable doors, such as draughts, leaks and creaky hinges, are a thing of the past. Our high-quality materials and excellent security features secure your property and keep it insulated.

Stable Doors - A charming feature

A stable door offers a charming feature to your property. It’s an additional way to view your garden from inside the home and allows you to keep it well ventilated. Keeping the bottom half closed means dogs and young children can’t escape, which is especially useful if you live near a busy road.

Thanks to our high-quality materials, the usual problems associated with original stable doors such as draughts, leaks and creaky hinges aren’t an issue. Plus, and our stable doors come with excellent security features built in for peace of mind.

Transform Your Home With Stable Doors

Like, all our doors, you can choose whether you want it to open outwards or inwards. You can also choose how to personalise it with patterned glass, door colour, style choice and with attractive door furnishings.

It is worth noting that you can also have a stable door fitted to the front of your property., However, they are especially useful as a back door because they allow you to view your garden from your dining room or kitchen. They add an authentic, classic feature to the rear or front of your property that is especially well suited to traditional or rural properties.